12 Worst Body Shaming Comments

In today’s society, you are either perfect or you’re not, and that depends upon who you ask. Some people will think that a size 00 is the peak of perfection, whereas others may think a size 22 is, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Take a look at our list of 12 Worst Body Shaming Comments made towards real people like you.

12. “People started asking me what the gender of my child was.”

I used to be skinny. like it looked like I could have been a model, I was that skinny.  The amount of people who would whisper around me and ask me if I was anorexic was ridiculous. I was in 6th grade and it caused me to actually hide my body with hoodies for years, like up until I was a junior in high school. That’s when I FINALLY started gaining weight, so I could be healthy, like actually healthy, because I was about 50 pounds underweight. When I did gain the weight, I started wearing tighter shirts, until people started saying I was getting fat and I should be exercising, even though I played softball every summer and worked out for it. Then one time I posted a body positive post because I’m a little on the chubbier side, and I was really proud…
until people started asking me what the gender of my child was.


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but sometimes people use remarks related to pregnancy to make others feel bad about themselves. Unless someone explicitly tells you that they are expecting or you know for certain, then don’t make a comment about it. Let people be happy with themselves.

11. “My dad would always tell me how overweight I was.”

In my early teenage years my dad would always tell me how overweight I was & he would make me exercise hardcore all day long until I could finally eat. Most of the time I would starve myself when I was at his house. If I didn’t exercise the way he wanted me to exactly, he would either beat my a*s or eat right in front of me & tell me that I couldn’t have anything.   -Anonymous

Parents can be the source of pain too. When a parent body shames a child, it not only leaves lasting scars, but it can also potentially ruin their self image. Be the parent that you wish you had growing up.

10. “I had a gym teacher who always told me I was overweight”

In Elementary I had a gym teacher who always told me I was overweight and always shamed me and many other students for it. She would tell us that we need to go on a diet (mind you, I was about 9) and that I needed to tell my parents to stop feeding me so much. I was not a hefty child. I was fairly small as a kid. I was a little chubby but never once was told by a doctor or anyone else that I was overweight. That was the most ashamed I have ever felt about my body. I was only 9 telling myself that I was never going to be perfect in the eyes of anyone. The gym teacher also told many students they were anorexic as well. She would make health plans for all of us and send us home with pamphlets and papers filled with facts about “obesity/anorexia in children” which honestly just made me feel worse. I had a friend who had a medical issue where she had to wear patches on her hip to regulate her weight because she couldn’t gain any and the teacher would tell her constantly that she was anorexic, it was so sad.  -Anonymous

Yikes! A teacher? Teachers are supposed to be professional and have no reason to make rude comments about someone’s weight, especially in children. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have tenure…

9. “Real men don’t want to cuddle bones.”

I’m 5’8 and 110 lbs. I’m very small for my height, and I’ve got legs for miles, but I even get shamed for being small. There isn’t a single day that goes by that someone doesn’t tell me to eat a damn cheeseburger. I’ve been accused by some family members that I was anorexic. They started writing down what I ate to show my doctor.  Middle school through high school was hell. All other girls were “maturing” and I was only getting taller. I had boys make fun of my boobs and butt so often I cried. My 10th grade year, I had 3 different guys (that I hardly knew) send me the meme that says “Real men don’t want to cuddle bones.” It killed my self esteem, yet other girls envied me for my body. The most recent encounter was a old lady behind me a Kroger who told me I was skinny because I ate like a rabbit. I was buying salad for the first time in months.  I’m now in college and have finally learned to accept my body. I still get insecure sometimes, but I’m more comfortable than I have ever been!   -Anonymous

Skinny girls get unwanted comments about their body too, and they are just as unnecessary. Maybe men should keep the comments about “bones” to themselves before they start being compared to dogs, but at least dogs are loyal, right? I’m just kidding, well, mostly.

8. “Then why are you shaped like a 12 year old?”

I’m 19 and only 93 pounds. I’ve been small my entire life. Last year I got a physical done for soccer and the woman looked at me and said “how old are you?”. I said “18.”  She said, “Then why are you shaped like a 12 year old?” I cried. First of all, this woman is a DOCTOR!! Not professional at all. I think she was just jealous because I was a striker on the team and her daughter was the water girl. but I get told ALL the time that I need to go eat a burger, or people are always making comments about how the wind could blow me away and it just gets annoying. I mean if I told someone they were fat or that it was impossible for the wind to blow them away because of how much they weighed then I would be called an awful person. People see body shaming for overweight people only. They think it’s okay to make comments to skinny people.   -Anonymous

In a world where even doctors make comments about your body, where are we really safe? Professionals in the medical field (and any other field) should never make rude comments about a consumer’s body. I mean, don’t they know the risks of eating disorders? I smell a lawsuit…

7. “My best friend’s boyfriend told me I was too fat to wear shoes.”

I was always called fat and stuff growing up because I’m barely over five foot and never hit a growth spurt or anything so I still have my “baby fat” and it’s literally only around my stomach. The only time it really bothered me to be called fat though is when I’d actually lost a lot of weight due to not eating right and my “best friends” boyfriend commented on a picture I was bare foot in and told me I was too fat to wear shoes.

It sounds like your “best friend” needs a new boyfriend who doesn’t put women down. It also sounds like he was jealous of you, I mean who makes a comment about someone’s feet?

6. “Are you Anorexic?”

My freshman year I was washing my hands in the bathroom and I had a long tight skirt on and a shirt, and some girl just looked at me in this bathroom full of 15 girls and asked, “Are you Anorexic?” It was horrible.    -Anonymous

While this question is okay to ask when in private, and when genuinely concerned, asking this in a crowded bathroom is very inappropriate. What if the girl really had been anorexic and this sparked a downward spiral? People really don’t consider how their words affect people.

5. ” A group of people started calling me fat and told me to kill myself.”

One time I walked into a McDonald’s local to my school and got a coffee and this group of people that hated me started calling me fat and told me to kill myself and so I tried and got sent to a psych ward and was mocked by my entire family during thanksgiving (because i got out the day before) and they called me crazy and stuff.   -Anonymous

It really is bad when even your family isn’t there for support. I bet they also said she was overreacting. Maybe instead of brushing off her suicide attempt they could have gotten to the root of the issue and took legal action? It’s a $25,000 fine and 10+ years in prison if someone attempts suicide due to your actions.

4. “People constantly tell me I need to gain weight and I’m all skin and bones.”

I’m super skinny, and always have been. In elementary and middle school, I would have random people try to pick me up just to show how small I was. This one time in middle school I was at camp and this girl was like “wow you’re really skinny. Are you anorexic?” I said no, that I love food. She goes “oh, you’re bulimic then.” This used to happen a lot but that time it just blew my mind. People constantly tell me I need to gain weight and that I’m all skin and bones.   -Anonymous

It’s honestly astounding to me how much smaller girls go through in terms of body shaming. Why is being bony used as an insult? Literally everyone has bones.

3. “He laughed and said no one could pay him enough to date me.”

Growing up, I felt like an ugly duckling. I felt fat and I wanted to lose weight but I couldn’t quit eating because my depression was so bad that all I wanted was to fill the hole inside me. So, I did the only thing I knew that would make me feel whole: I ate. I never was huge, but I felt like I was 300 pounds, and I was barely 170, and I’m like 5’8 so that’s not a bad weight for my height because I’m really tall. But that was the problem, I felt like I towered over people and I just wanted to disappear. I didn’t want guys to come up to me and make fun of my height or weight. I was bullied my freshman year and was told no one could even be payed to date me. Mind you, I had never even kissed anyone so hearing that I was so ugly and fat and unwanted, it was horrifying I felt like I never would be truly happy. I would be so embarrassed walking in front of the class that I couldn’t look people in the eye. I always felt like people were talking about me. I ended up liking someone, and his friends and him made fun of my height and weight and they would snicker when I would walk by. They made noises and all I did was have a harmless crush on an asshole. They offered him money to date me right in front of me and he laughed and said no one could pay him enough. My world spun. I felt so ashamed to even exist. I hated my life because I was bullied everyday of my freshman year by those boys and no one even knew because I didn’t tell anyone. I thought I deserved it because I was so hideous. Now of course I know better now and I hope no one ever has to get bullied or feel that way, it’s an awful feeling.   -Anonymous

A simple no would have been enough, jeez. How can someone be so mean as to say that no one would date someone even if they were paid? There is someone for everyone out there, and I’m glad to be able to say that the author of this is in a relationship and has a beautiful child. However, I’m sure the pain of that event will stick with her for a long time.

2. “She told me my chin was bigger than her head.”

It actually happened today, this guy wanted to know what I looked like so I sent him a pic of myself. He called me ugly and then got his friend to message me and she told me that my chin was bigger than her head.          -Anonymous

Wow, a comment about how her chin looks? Gosh! You are literally born with the features that you have, and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. If we didn’t have diversity then the world would be so bland.

1. “He’d tell me how worthless I was if I didn’t want to work out.”

I was a little on the bigger side when I was in elementary school, not by a lot, but definitely not skinny, and my dad hated it. As early as I can remember, he would make me work out if I wanted to watch TV, if I didn’t do all the work outs he wanted me to, he’d get rid of my favorite toys. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything until after I ate a salad, and most nights all he’d allow me to eat would be a small salad. The worst thing his daughter could be in his eyes is overweight. He’d tell me how worthless I was if I didn’t want to work out, he’d lock me outside if I cried. He did everything he could to try and make me skinny. Thankfully, when my parents got divorced when I was 10 I didn’t have to see him anymore, but constant weight shaming from ages as early as 4 or 5 to age 10 has really messed me up. I developed a mild eating disorder a couple years later and got down to 115 pounds and still all I saw was fat. I’m 20 now, I got the help I needed, but it’s still a struggle, things like that echo through your mind for the rest of your life.   -Anonymous

A parent is supposed to be your solace away from all the negativity, not the source of it. I couldn’t imagine not having that parental support. This is why it is so important to be a good friend and support your friends. Can you imagine being forced to eat salad and work out at 5 years old? Five year olds should be worried about toys and playtime, not their BMI.

Everyone is beautiful, no if, ands, or buts about it. Everyone is beautiful. Period.

This list clearly shows how people of all shapes and sizes can experience body shaming, all of which is unnecessary and rude. Body shaming does nothing but cause a negative reaction that can follow someone throughout their life. Before you make that comment, ask yourself how you would feel if someone said that to you, and then ask yourself how you would feel if someone said that to your child. Remember that other people have feelings too and that you should always treat others as you would like to be treated.

If you would like to share your story for a future post, please feel free to utilize the contact tab and send me a message, or comment on this post. Thank you to everyone that sent me stories.